Aviation Mechanic

We are recruiting for a Aviation Maintenance Mechanic for a rapidly expanding Aerospace company in Christchurch, Dorset, UK. The position is permanent and offers a very competitive annual salary depending on experience Hours are Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5.30pm Key Responsibilities: The Technical Manager is the Head of Maintenance shall be responsible for:
  • ensuring the satisfactory completion and certification of all work required by contracted
  • operators/customers in accordance with the work specification (Work Order and
  • approved MOE procedures); He/she is responsible for ensuring that the organisation's
  • procedures and standards are complied with when carrying out maintenance;
  • ensuring the competence of all personnel engaged in maintenance.
  • establishing a programme of training and continuation training using internal and/or
  • external sources (this responsibility may be also under the Quality Manager);
  • ensuring that any work for internal workshops or external contracted/subcontracted
  • organisations are correctly detailed in a work order/contract and that the requirements of the contract/work order are fulfilled in respect of inspection.
  • providing feedback to the Quality System about the services provided by contracted Organisations, Subcontractors.
  • responding to quality deficiencies in the area of activity for which he/she is
  • responsible, which arise from independent quality audits.
  • ensuring, through the workforce under his/her control, that the quality of workmanship
  • in the final product is to a standard acceptable to the organisation and CAA
  • ensuring the implementation of the safety policy and human factor issues
  • ensuring availability of facilities appropriate to the planned work including hangars,
  • workshops office accommodation, stores as applicable for the planned work
  • ensuring availability of a working environment appropriate to the tasks being
  • undertaken; He/she is responsible for the incoming inspection of components, parts,
  • materials, tools and equipment, the related classification, segregation and storage
  • according to the manufacturer's recommendations
  • developing a production planning system appropriate to the amount and complexity of the maintenance scope of work
  • ensuring availability of tools, equipment and materials to perform the planned tasks.
  • ensuring availability of sufficient competent personnel to plan, perform, supervise,
  • inspect and certify the work being performed.
  • ensuring availability of all necessary maintenance data
  • recording and notifying any inaccurate, incomplete or ambiguous procedure, practice
  • information or maintenance instruction contained in the maintenance data used by
  • maintenance personnel to the author of maintenance data
  • providing a common work card or worksheet system to be used throughout relevant
  • parts of the organisation and ensure such documents comply with 145.A.45 (e)
  • notifying the Accountable Manager whenever deficiencies emerge which require his
  • attention in respect of finance and the acceptability of standards (Accountable
  • Manager and Quality Manager to be officially informed of any lack of 25% of available man-hours over a calendar month)
  • supplying the necessary technical documents for customers and storage of the organisation's technical records.
  • Carry out departmental audits
To apply for this permanent opportunity please submit your latest CV and we will be in touch in due course. Also, if you require further information and a more detailed job specification and benefits package, please call Alan or Ollie.
Job Title: Aviation Mechanic
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